What is Yoxos?

Yoxos 5 is a complete toolset for managing your Eclipse development environments. With Yoxos 5, developers are set up in seconds on a secure Eclipse workspace with the right tools and configurations when they need them. Here's an overview:

The Launcher

  • Double-click your workspace and go!
  • Access to over 1900 Eclipse plug-ins

Yoxos Profiles

  • Easily switch between several Eclipse workspaces
  • Plug-ins at the ready
  • Save and share your configurations


  • Pass the workspace, please
  • Managing Teams
  • Plan your upgrade path
  • Preserve project configurations

Yoxos 5 Enterprise

  • Secure inhouse provisioning
  • The Yoxos Repository
  • Customize your distribution with the Repository Designer

Contact us

For information, pricing or to arrange a demo, contact info@eclipsesource.com.